Tariq Daouda
PhD Candidate in Bioinformatics


I'm a computer scientist trained in Machine Learning and a PhD Candidate in Bioinformatics at the IRIC. My goal is to advance Cancer Immunotherapy using Machine Learning. I also develop a few open source libraries. My supervisors are Dr. Claude Perreault and Dr. Sébastien Lemieux.



A Python package for precision medicine and proteogenomics

Integrate Reference Genomes with Sequencing SNPs and dbSNP to build personalized Genomes and Proteomes Everything is local, fast, and reliable.



Extendable Declarative Language for Deep Neural Networks

Mariana is a Deep Learning framework focused on ease of use. In Mariana networks are graphs, allowing for a lot flexibility and a clean and easy to read interface.


NoSQL, Schemaless ORM optimized for speed and small memory consumption.

rabaDB is the engine behind pyGeno. Powerful enough to manage millions of entries, it is built upon sqlite, that means no dependencies and no server to manage.


ArangoDB driver with built-in field validation

NoSQL simplifies a lot of things, but it has also shifted a lot of the validation out of the databases and into the software. This python driver for the awesome ArangoDB allows you to easily integrate the schema and field validation that you need.

Upon request

Tariq.Daouda [at] umontreal.ca