Is a p-value needed?

Much has been written on the need for statistics in genome-scale molecular biology.  Very clever analytical approaches were devised, taking the form of carefully crafted and freely downloadable software packages.  But still, every month or so, I meet with students and researchers facing a similar dilemma:  they need to decide whether to report the strength of an effect (eg. gene X is over-expressed by 4.5-fold in condition A vs. B) or the significance of such effect (eg. gene X is overexpressed [...]

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lifelines (or doing survival analysis in Python)

Lately, I've been doing survival analysis.  I'm not an expert but we had a self-learning group based on David G. Kleinbaum and Mitchel Klein’s  book,   "Survival Analysis. A Self-Learning Text" .  At the end of this book, there's code provided to help you get started in SAS, Stata, SPSS and... R!  I've played with the R package survival which is quite good!  My problem was that I wanted to do survival analysis in Python.  I've started by doing it with [...]

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