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Former physicist turned structural biologist and software developer, he now manages a team of talented bioinformaticians at the platform.  Racing god and master barista aside, he expertly handles the next-gen sequencing analysis service and IT infrastructure.  Legend has it that he was roaming the future site of IRIC prior to its foundation.  He also wrote this entire bio himself in the third person.


Biologist by training, I was very quickly seduced by what Bioinformatics had to offer and left the world of the living to dedicate my days trying to communicate with machines. They turned out to be as interesting as I originally thought so I decided to stay.


I’ve started as a computer scientist, then quickly realised that bioinformatics is saturated by puzzles to solve. As in the “The Summit of the Gods” (Jirō Taniguchi), there is always a new mountain to climb or a path more straightforward.


I’ve started in biochemistry but it is as a bioinformatician that I’ve been having fun for several years now :  whether doing data analysis and visualization in R, building interactive web interfaces in javascript or exploring machine learning in python.


Originally trained in molecular biology, I quickly realized my heart lied with bioinformatics ! (How can anyone be presented an HMM and not fall in love ?). While I spend most of my days writing Python code, I must admit I am starting to enjoy my occasional dip in R.


The platform’s rookie. I spend my days honing my machine learning skills, coding in Python and rock climbing (in no particular order).

Principal investigator

Enjoys turning raw (big, noisy and convoluted!) biological data into knowledge… using any tools that informatics has to offer!

Blog collaborators


A biochemist turned wanabe-bioinformatician (Masters in progress), I like statistics, efficient programs and coffee.