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Bioinformatic in a container

A recent tendency coming from the world of cloud computing is gaining more and more popularity in the bioinformatic community. This tendency is to develop and deploy application in a container. This container contains not only the application but all the needed libraries and a minimalist version of the applications of the operating system. As soon as it is built, the container is ready for use on a host computer containing the environment required to start the container. For a [...]

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What to consider when interpreting proteomic data

** Special collaboration from the proteomic platform** Following your sample's analysis by mass spectrometry, you will usually receive your results as a list of proteins.    During the treatment of the data, some factors inevitably influence the proteins found in the final list. Fig. 1 Overview of bottom-up proteomics. Figure modified from Angel et al. (2011)   Let's begin by briefly explaining how this protein list is generated by the bottom-up approach usually used (see Figure 1).  In this [...]

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